Gabby’s Toddler Fashion! 8/26/14

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I decided to create a segment for my blog called Gabby’s Toddler Fashion. It will consist of daily (or whenever I decide not to be lazy and stay indoors) fashion posts of my daughter wearing stylish outfits! I am writing this post at 1 A.M. which is why I am putting yesterday’s date and posting what she wore to yesterday’s event.

I have NO idea what chaos my phone did to the Texts after I saved the picture, but anywho…

Gabby’s Outfit Consisted of a FabKids Dress that I purchased back in 2013, Fab Soft Leggings in Yellow, Smart Fit shoes in Black, and a Medium Yellow HairBow!

Not only is this Dress Beautiful all on it’s own, but Like many of the Fabkids Dresses, It can be transformed into a Lovely Tunic when your child grows insanely fast! If You thought the Front and Designs were awesome…. Just Check out the back of it….


Oh how I wish this dress came in adult sizes, It’s just so BEAUTIFUL! That’s enough for this post… be sure to check back often to see what Gabby will wear next!

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