Disney Junior Live on Tour! Pirate & Princess Adventure

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Last Month, My daughter and I attended Disney Junior Live on Tour! Pirate & Princess Adventure at Madison Square Garden. It was her very first show so I had to take her to see something she loved.

 The Pirate & Princess Adventure is a Live show featuring Some of our favorite characters from Disney Junior Hit series, Sofia the First and Jake and the NeverIand Pirates . Its A 90 minute show, with a Special bonus Doc Mcstuffins Pre-show (which we totally missed!!) 10 Minutes prior to the actual performance.

Sofia came on stage first. Her performance was beautiful , fun, and lively ! Surprise guest, Cinderella , appeared when Sofia needed help from her magical Amulet . Ms. Flora ,Ms. Fauna , and Ms. Merryweather are all present for some Royal Prep amusement. Watch out for the Magic flying Cakes with Amber & James!

After Sofia the first was done out Came Some bubbles

Along with Mickey & Minnie Mouse .

After the Intermission Came Jake and his Neverland Crew. This was when my little brat started to really get into it. I LOVE Jake and the Neverland pirate. Its upbeat and super fun . There was also alot of getting up and moving with the characters. Captain Hook , Mr. Shmee , Sharky and Bones were their typical funny selves. The sounds of Buckey’s Bells & whistles, Tictoc Croc’s Ticking , Coconut drops and splashing waters Make you feel like your riding the Never seas with the crew. And of course , Peter Pan was the surprise guest of this performance!

All in all the show was fantastic and I would definitely go see it again .

Here are a few more pictures from our fantastic Day…

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  1. Did you know that during their four-day stint at Madison Square Garden, they hosted an autism-friendly performance? I attended that one (and I have a video of it: http://www.4shared.com/video/ejf7iCg2ce/-2_online.html) please let me know what you think!
    It was on April 19 2014 at 11am. The performance itself was the same, but there were minor adjustments to the sound and lights, and during the act 2 opener with the pirate dance (swing your arms, stomp your feet, raise your sword, and say arr!), nobody was invited onstage. In addition to the regular FOH staff there were around 30 volunteer ushers who handed out fidgets and character guides, ushered people to break areas, and danced along during the interactive scenes.
    Being on the spectrum myself, I think the Autism Theatre Initiative is a good program. Bit the Theatre Development Fund says that doing another autism-friendly performance at Madison Square Garden would be difficult because of the size of the venue (thus, only 2000 out of the theatre's 5000 seats were used- was every seat filled when you went?) and because apparently some of the ticket sales people at Madison Square Garden didn't really like the idea and weren't too happy about it- they spent a long time handing people their tickets, which TDF gave them (TDF bought every seat in the house and resold the tickets at a steep discount). Could you talk with the people at Madison Square Garden about how important autism-friendly performances are and let so many people (including myself) have a great time in an environment more tailored to their needs, and how these performances always sell out?

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