Kinderfeets Balance Bike!

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Ahhhh! <—- Super excited for this next review! I was amazingly given the opportunity to review a Kinderfeets Balance bike in Black.

Colors Also Available are Natural, Red, Orange, Blue, Green , and Pink!

The assembly (and Dis-assembly) were SUPER EASY! I assembled it myself! **Proud mommy moment lol
Beautiful finish. All colored bikes have a chalkboard paint finish.

The Kinderfeets Bike is designed for kids ages 2 and up and can hold a Maximum weight of 65lbs. The Balance bike is made to help teach young children how to balance on their own. Then after they’ve mastered the balancing act, they can be ready to ride a regular Bicycle minus the training wheels!
Swinging her little feet EVERYWHERE!

Although my daughter is too young to ride the balance bike by herself, she was very excited to “ride” it!

My daughter is 6 inches away from being 3 feet tall! She has 5 more months until her first birthday! I think she’s going to get real use of her bike way before her 2nd Birthday.

I’ve already come across a few moms who do not see the benefits of this bike. I, for one, Do. This is a part of their natural development and milestones. Once they learn to balance they can accomplish a whole lot more in life. (ex: Riding a bike, Standing on one leg, etc.)

Disclaimer: A special thank you to Oscar of Kinderfeets for providing me with the product mentioned in this post. Although I
received this product free of charge, all opinions expressed are honest
and all mine. This Post may Also Contain Affiliate Links!

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