Tiny Princess Butterfly Stroll Review!

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Tiny Love is such a Great Company! I was really sad when she got a bit too big for her Gymini bouncer 🙁 , but Thankfully I was given a chance review one of they Amazing Baby products… the Tiny Princess Butterfly Stroll! It attaches to virtually ANY thin surface with a bar of some sort. For ex: Stroller, Carseat, HighChair, bouncer, rocker Bassinet…

Isn’t it Adorable! It arrived at my job so I couldn’t open it up right away, but I was so anxious to see what her reaction would be! She was asleep in her stroller when I got to my MIL’s house so I went ahead and attached the arch to her stroller.

Soon after putting the arch on her stroller she woke up and got really excited. She immediately started to play (eat the little Love Bug lol).
For a whole 5 minutes I wished I were her! The Crinkly butterfly is the center of attention. Hanging from it is a “groovy” looking pink and orange flower with a mirror in middle.

Another feature is the Flower ball with crinkly texture. The ball in the center spins, creating sound using a bunch of tiny colorful balls inside. Hanging from the crinkly flower is a tiny love bug which my daughter loves to devour.

The Last toy on the Stroll is a baby Powered propeller. Baby pulls on the string that has a teether as the handle, which then causes the propeller to spin. My daughter loves to stop the propeller each time it gets spinned!

The Tiny Princess Butterfly Stroll is a great toy! It keeps my little one busy especial when I have to do chores…

Or We’re out eating at a restaurant …

This toy is my new lifesaver. I have ALREADY recommended this product to many of my friends! If YOU are interested in the Tiny Princess Butterfly Stroll or the Boy Versions, you can check them out Below.

A special thank you to Audrey of Tiny Love  for providing me with the
product mentioned in this post. Although I received this product free of
charge, all opinions expressed are honest and all mine.

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