Baby NasaKleen and Squeezie review and giveaway! [ENDED]

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WARNING: The following review may contain Icky stuff. If you have a weak stomach and don’t like to see baby boogers, Please do not continue.

A company named Squip inc. are the makers of NasaKleen. NasaKleen consist of many Nose hygiene solution products. I was given the opportunity to review their Baby NasaKleen Nasal Aspirator and the Squeezie for adults.

Let’s start off with the Baby NasaKleen:

The Baby NasaKleen is basically a much gentler Vacuum like Aspirator in which YOU control the amount of suction. I received these products about 2 weeks ago, but no one was sick so I couldn’t give you an accurate review. 
All Pieces Shown

Then, last Thursday EVERYONE got sick! I don’t know what bug hit us, but it just won’t go away (baby and I are getting much better now). It was the perfect time to try out my nasal products. 

My baby is at the stage where everything goes in her mouth, but luckily I had never used the baby NasaKleen!

As you can see from the above photo, she didn’t really like the idea of having anything put in her little nose. Although it takes a little time to getting use to, Baby G surprisingly allowed to finally use some type of Aspirator on her!

The great thing about this product is that you are the one who sucks on the mouth piece of this product and determine the power of the suction. 

I truly believe the reason all babies hate Aspirators is because of the powerful suction that comes from it! Let’s admit it… These Aspirators don’t always take the gunk out of tiny noses in just one shot. Baby NasaKleen fixes that. In one shot I was able to take out more boogies than any Aspirator has.
Baby Boogies

I know many parents will find this product a little disturbing, but I guarantee you that Nothing from their little noses will make its was to your mouth due to the little blue filter that is included. There are 50 filter refills included.

To Clean:
You must take apart the Aspirator, throw away used filter, wash all parts with soapy and warm water, then place on flat surface to dry.

I honestly used to say that I’d never use these type of Aspirators because I was always afraid something would pass though. I’m over that fear and I’ll never go back to the bulb Aspirators again!

In addition to the baby NasaKleen, I was also sent this Squeezie nasal rinsing system. 

To be quite honest, the image in the front of the package looks just a wee bit creepy. Other than that, this product is Great! It’s said to be a great alternative to netipots and nasal rinse bottles.

Inside the box you will find 50 pre-packaged individual saline solution packets and the Squeezie bottle.

The Squeezie and Baby NasaKleen should NEVER be shared among people because you may run the risk of catching a nasal infection. Due to me being sick as well, I was able to try the Squeezie it truly does work!
When I first shot the saline water up my nose, it felt really uncomfortable! It felt as though I was in a pool and water unfortunately got in my nose. 

Then when I tried it a second time it did not feel bad at all. The trick is to angle your head to a certain level and Then squeeze. 

Once I was done I blew my nose to get all the water and gunk out. It was incredible how clear my nasal passages were! I was able to breath as if I was never sick at all. Everything was out, the Dry Boogie, Wet Boogie, Stuck on boogies…. Everything!
I have never used any other nasal hygiene products on myself, which makes me glad that the Easy To use  Squeezie was my first and most efficient nasal hygiene product
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A special thank you to Colleen of Squip USA  for providing me with the
product mentioned in this post. Although I received this product free of
charge, all opinions expressed are honest and all mine.

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