Preschool TV: Blues Clues and You! plus a Giveaway!

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September 8, 1996. I was about to turn 5 years old and the original Blue’s Clues Series was set to start and really make a child use their minds to solve the most adorable problems! Fast forward almost 24 years and Blue’s Clues & You! is blowing us parents away with amazing episodes that continue to teach this generation of preschoolers their ABC’s, nursery rhymes, and even AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE!

This Nickelodeon preschool
series, Blue’s Clues & You!, has made it onto DVD for the first time on June 2nd ,
episodes from the
The series
follows beloved puppy Blue and live

action host Josh
Dela Cruz
as they invite a new
generation of preschoolers

led adventures
and a puzzle in each episode. The DVD will also include special episodes from Josh & Blue’s VLOG and eight
bonus American Sign Language flashcards (That my daughter was most excited for.)

Some Special Features of the DVD include: 
  • How
    to Play Blue’s Clues Song 
  • Josh & Blue’s VLOG! 
    • ABC Song, Hide & Seek + Dancing! 
    • Holiday Shopping, Mailtime, Nursery Rhymes & More! 
    • Garden Sing Along, Touring School & Mailtime with
      Blue’s Clues
    • Soccer Tricks, Gopher Game & Color Song! 
    • American
      Lesson, Nursery Rhymes & Mailtime! 
    • Planets Song, Find The Snail Game & Mailtime! 
  •  American
    Word of the Week 
    • Blue’s Clues 
    • Thankful
    • Music

I’m so excited for the new generation of kids to love the show and learn as much as I did back in the days and to celebrate, we are giving away (1) copy of Blue’s Clues and You! The rules are:
1) Share this post and comment with your favorite character and share link.
2) Head over to @Crafty_Mommy_Blogger and Follow instructions on Blue’s Clues and You! post!
Giveaway ends June 19th at 11:59pm EST. Winner will be announced on June 20th 2020

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