In Order to stay sane, Moms Need a night out! #MTNightOut #Ad

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I really never have a Moms Night Out. I have yet to decide whether it’s due to me not having time or me feeling guilty for leaving my little Diva home. Either way, this night was much needed and the fun I had could not be changed. Allow me to walk you through a fun evening had with the MomTrends ladies and fellow influencers!

At first we mingled on the rooftop admiring the scenery. As a New Yorker, I never get to truly experience the scenic beauty unless it’s at an event or some type of high elevation. Afterwards, it was time to start the real activities.

After hearing some quick tips from Nicole (MomTrends) and Dana Points (Meredith Publications: Parents Magazine, Family Fun, FitFamily…) it was time to start getting creative at different activity stations made up by each of the brands in attendance.


Glad created kitchen garbage bags with Glad Odor Shield and Febreze to neutralize unpleasant odors (YUCK) that happen for up to 5 Days! To celebrate this scented victory we got to mix our very own scented lotions! I went with the wonderful scents of Lavender, Vanilla, and Coconut.


We must prepare for the upcoming cold and flu season by stocking up now on Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, which kill 99.9% of germs including viruses that cause colds and flu. I know many parents are worried about eyesores though and don’t want to have a big white and yellow canister in the middle of the room, so why not touch it up with Paper and embellishments? Super easy to do and Livens up any spot you put it in.


Mornings are always rushed! No matter how early you wake up, you can rest assured you will be rushing by the time you have to leave your home. At most times, you’ll even forget your breakfast! Overnight Oats are a quick, easy, delicious, breakfast! To create them just grab a jar, fill with 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup oats, top with your favorite ingredients, refrigerate overnight, and enjoy in the morning! No more time wasted.


I’ve always been a fan of Philips Avent. They are the #1 reusable bottle brand and pacifier brand in the US. I was happy to see them there with a baby box station where we got to create adorable gift boxes using their fabulous products. Philips Avent helps give babies a healthy start in life for a healthy future.
They also recognize that feeding sets the stage for both emotional and physical growth, while ensuring that these Nourishing Moments are done right!


For 30 years, parents have trusted Earth’s Best to provide organic nutrition for their babies. I was happy to hear that now Earth’s Best is taking those same wholesome ingredients and offering nourishing meals for older kids! With yummy meatballs, stuffed pretzel bites, actual fruit cups and much more!

Overall, I had a great time as always! When it comes to having a Moms Night Out, it isn’t always about movies. All you need is some music, bubbly, and talking points!

We were invited to this event as media. 
All attendees received a gift bag for attending.

0 thoughts on “In Order to stay sane, Moms Need a night out! #MTNightOut #Ad

  1. Great post. Agreed! Mom Nights Out are VERY important. You need to identify yourself as not just a mom. But as the person you were before the little angel came into your life 🙂

  2. I need a Mom's Night Out too! Or at least the extra hour of sleep. 🙂 This sounds like a fun event. I'm a fan of Avent too.

  3. I have a mom's night out with my mom group once a month. I swear, it makes for a happier, more productive more present mother. I swear by this time, in addition to date night with your husband. I know not everyone has the babysitting resources, however, you find yourself a group of mom's you really trust and enjoy being around and you won't have to pay a babysitter. I haven't yet and I have an 8 and a 4 year old. Date night babysitting trade offs with other parents is awesome!

  4. Yes! This is so important. I wish more people would understand. I don't get that time, and when i make it for myself it never really works out! My time is late at night now when everyone is asleep .I'm sane so far…. This is great! – Jeanine

  5. Yes, getting out is the recipe for renewal for sure! Even though at times, the last thing I feel like doing after a busy day is getting ready to go out. Just wanna hang in….

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