4-Ticket #Giveaway to Get Curious with Curious George at the Liberty Science Center! (Ends 10/05)

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Disclosure: As a Liberty Science Center Blog Ambassador for the day, I have been provided with vouchers for my visit. All opinions are 100% our Own. #LSCCuriosity

We love heading into Jersey City by Ferry. It adds to the adventurous day we were sure to have ahead. We were on our way to check out the fun and awesome new Curious George traveling exhibit. Allow me to take you into the world of curiosity with us…

Children get to journey into the world of Curious George, star of our favorite book and TV series, where exploration is definitely welcome! This exhibit’s activities invite children to learn through direct experience and problem solving just like the little monkey – George – does. This isn’t the first time that George has visited the Liberty Science Center. He made his debut LSC Exhibit back in 2013 when my daughter was born!

Your family can check out the different causes and effects using wind power, windsocks, and even Whirligigs against signs at Farmer Renkins’ barn. They can weigh, count, and sort fruits and veggies at the Sidewalk Produce stand with friends. There’s a Space Rocket slide, Colorful Window washing that you operate through wheels and pulleys, and surprises behind every door in George’s “Apartment building”. No matter what, your curious kids are surely in for a curious day.

I truly love that this traveling exhibit encourages and presents key concepts in Science, math, and even engineering in a way that preschoolers will understand! My daughter did NOT want to leave the exhibit even after hurting her ankle in the infinity climber. Her favorite part was most definitely the Space Rocket slide, while mine was the WONDERFUL Curious George Museum within the Museum where we got to learn more about Curious George and the original manuscripts that dared escape from Europe during WWII!

Want to Visit the awesome Curious George: Let’s Get Curious! Exhibit before it’s gone? Well here’s your chance! I’ve got 4 tickets for you and your family to have fun at the Liberty Science Center! Enter below…

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0 thoughts on “4-Ticket #Giveaway to Get Curious with Curious George at the Liberty Science Center! (Ends 10/05)

  1. My son would've loved this when he was younger. He loved Curious George. I wish that place was around here when he was that age. It would've been so much fun to take him there.

  2. I was so tempted to go, but my son is 13. We loved Curious George! I also think LSC is fantastic, it was the best place for hands on science that we could take our son to!

  3. Oh how cute is that? I wish my boys were still at an age where they loved Curious George! That's actually what I call my youngest child!

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