Spring Is Here, Let’s Go Play! #Giveaway

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I have a very active 3 year old who’s favorite place is the park. If it was up to her, she would be there all day. Although I love to take her anywhere that nature resides, I have to think about party poopers (a.k.a. ALLERGIES.) Allergy relief medicine keeps her sniffles and itchy eyes in check, but what happens with Skin issues and reactions? That’s where Dreft steps in to Save the day with amazing products and a Giveaway!

In NYC it seems like spring and winter are having a battle of the seasons being that it’s cold one day and really hot the next. In a regular year, Spring is the time when temperatures start to rise and get nice. That’s a calling to all the families to head outdoors and have some fun. However, high temperatures seem to bring out the worst in my daughter’s skin. She has very bad Eczema and I am VERY cautious of everything I put on or against her skin.

Dreft is the #1 baby laundry detergent choice of pediatricians and the #1 dermatologist recommended brand for baby clothes. #1 in my household too! It’s Hypoallergenic formula helps me know that my daughter’s skin is safe and the washed clothes are gentle on her skin. We even wash her blankets in Dreft so that she has Sweet dreams and continuous refreshing wiffs of her bedding.

Whether you are a Seasoned mom or a New mom, everyone must know that As babies grow and develop, their laundry needs WILL change. That is why Dreft introduced a line of laundry products that are specially designed for different stages of babyhood. Dreft Newborn (for baby’s beginning) and Active Baby detergents (for toddlers with color changing food messes) are gentle and hypoallergenic on baby’s sensitive skin, super tough on stains and have a baby fresh scent. Please believe me when I say Dreft will be part of your #AmazingHood forever!

No, I wanted to share a few tips from Dr. Hes, Medical Director of Gramercy Pediatrics in New York City who sits on the board of the American Board of Obesity Medicine and was named 2013 TOP doctor by NEW YORK Magazine, on how to protect sensitive skin during Spring Allergy Season:

  • Load up on liquids: Staying hydrated during the spring months is very important as baby gets more active outdoor time and sun exposure. Start with the inside and ensure children get enough to drink throughout the day. Infants should nurse or take a bottle often; older kids should tote a sippy cup or reusable water bottle. Include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and smoothies in your child’s diet too.

  • Choose the right fabrics and care for them properly: When it comes to fabrics, it’s extremely important to seek out gentle and hypoallergenic products to care for the items that touch baby’s sensitive skin. It’s also essential that fabrics be cared for properly. Wash baby’s items with a specially-formulated product such as Dreft. Trusted for over 80 years, Dreft comes with a babyhood scent beloved by moms, and it remains safe and hypoallergenic for baby time & time again.

I won’t spill the beans on all of her tips, but you can Join us for a Dreft Twitter Party and a chance to win even more fabulous prizes on Thursday, May 12th from 9-10pm ET! To RSVP, visit www.dimemedia.net #DreftSpring

Now it’s giveaway time! One lucky winner will receive a Dreft Product mailer that consists of Dreft Product: Newborn, Active Baby and Blissfuls plus a $50 AMEX Gift Card. Enter below and try your luck…

0 thoughts on “Spring Is Here, Let’s Go Play! #Giveaway

  1. Running in water puddles and splashing with the kids with our rainboots on. Its no better time for allergy sufferers like myself than to be outside after a rain has washed all the pollen away!!! and its so much fun too!!!

  2. We love planting our garden and milkweed! Our little one loves to watch them grow and eats the peas, beans, and cherry tomatoes right off the plants all summer long. So much fun!

  3. We've been picking all kinds of flowers and plants and making soap with them — rose petals, dandelions, mint, grass. As a bonus, my kiddo will actually BEG to take a bath with them.

  4. We like to work in the garden planting vegetables, watering, picking and finally eating! We also enjoy trips to t he park

  5. There’s just something so fun about a wagon ride for kids! Take a long walk and bring the little one’s favorite teddy bear or doll along. You can also fill the wagon with toys, blankets, and books.

  6. Our favorite spring time activity is to walk to the nearest park and spend some quality time together as a family. Thanks for the chance to win such an amazing giveaway.

  7. my favorite springtime activity is going on hikes in the woods. we have a lot of wooded area near our home and it's nice to go walking out there.

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