Wooden Toys Won’t Just be on Old School Christmas specials thanks to Little Sapling toys!

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Little Sapling Toys 

We were given products in exchange for our honest review! All opinions are honest and our own.

Oh Wooden toys… According to my television around Christmas time for the past 24 years, wooden toys have been the ultimate presents made by Santa & his elves in his awesome North Pole Factory. But what happens when the holidays are over and you still want a toy that’s sturdy, cool (by a toddler’s definition), and made from natural, safe & Organic materials? You shop at Little Sapling Toys!

All Little Sapling Toys are made from ingredients such as FSC-certified Maple, Cherry, or Walnut Wood, beeswax, organic Jojoba Oil and Love. Prior to last week, I’d heard of Sapling Toys. I have, however, always been a huge fan of wooden toys. The workmanship put into each of their toys is amazing! We were given the Wooden Camera and Wooden Smartphone teether, but we also got to preview a bunch of their other products such as stools, mini Rocker horse, toy cars and more.

Gabby picked out the Smartphone wood toy first which wasn’t a big surprise to me being that kids seem to be rolling out of the womb with electronics. The fact that it keeps her incredibly entertained without lights, sounds or even BUTTONS is amazing. To be honest, I constantly have to keep her iPad on a timer and sometimes leave it dead for a few days due to her obsession with video. Ever since Little Sapling Toys made their way into this house there hasn’t been an issue. 

You may be wondering how on earth a wooden toy can be a safe teether or you might worry about splinters. I’m here to tell you it is all OK! The Smartphone wooden teether (As well as their other toys) are made from Hard Rock Maple, a non-splintering and naturally anti-bacterial wood. It’s also sanded down to a satin-like finish which makes it even safer. Gabs passed the teething stage a while ago, but it doesn’t stop her from imagining different games for the toy like “calling” her grandma, friends, & even Captain America.

The 2nd Wooden treasure she help on tightly to was the Wooden Camera Toy. It’s basically a Camera body with cut out viewfinder, spinning selector “switch,” front lens that actually turn to “focus” and a contrasting digital screen on back. This camera is literally Gabby’s future Blogger training! Not only that, but it’s a tough toy being that it has already fallen from the top of the playground towers and contains no marks or cracks.

Did I mention that Since Little Sapling Toys first began in 2008, Nick & Kimber (the owners) have grown to be the largest toy sellers on Etsy and is carried in retail shops around the country? This family business designs modern wooden toys and crafts them with the highest quality materials in their Huntsville, UT wood shop. They’ve always believed in innovative toys and a healthy earth and even plant a tree for each toy sold! I don’t know about you but I truly LOVE and will always admire wooden toys. They last for years and can be passed on from generation to generation.

Overall, I have become a very happy customer and look forward to adding more Little Sapling Toys to our rather Small collection. You can check out their products over on their Website or on their Etsy Shop. Now tell us: 

Which Little Sapling Toy product is Your favorite?

0 thoughts on “Wooden Toys Won’t Just be on Old School Christmas specials thanks to Little Sapling toys!

  1. I like the Pegs that you hit with a hammer. My son loves playing with this type of toy and the Little Sapling toys look amazing! Made of wood is great!

  2. These are super cute. I wish I would have found them on etsy since my son was born in '09. I know he would have loved them. Thanks for sharing your review, I'm going to look into their toys as gifts for friends. 🙂

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