My 3 Year Old gets Homework in Preschool!

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My precious child started school back in September. Her 1st class was not working for us so I spoke to the director and had Gabby changed to her current class… The one that gives homework. Let me tell you why I’m happy about this.

Many parents will probably disagree with me on this, but I’m very happy to see my kid get homework. She IS 3 and the teachers are well aware so they do not penalize any child who does it incorrectly. I came to realize that the homework wasn’t only to help kids learn about responsibility and writing, etc… It was more about getting the parents involved with their child’s education.

You would NOT believe how many parents just don’t give a crap. I understand that some parents are working full time and are tired at the end of the day, but as they grow older the topics get more challenging and you’ll still have to sit down and help them. Why not start now?

Personally, I enjoy that specially time where we are learning together. When I’m watching her learn to draw and write, the feeling is incredible. The homework doesn’t bother me at all. We don’t get it everyday or even every week, but we do get a sheet with tasks that tell us what we can do to practice.

The homework doesn’t take away from their innocence. It’s the same as you printing out worksheets or handing them workbooks at home. I want my kid to always succeed so preschool homework to me is a blessing.

How do you feel about Homework in Preschool? 
Why do you Agree or Disagree?

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  1. Personally I would prefer if they not get homework. They can do all the work they need in school. 3yr olds don't need all the extra stuff. There is many many many more years ahead for al that stuff.

  2. I definitely get where you are coming from however, at my daughter's school they only do lessons for a few minutes in the morning and then a few in the afternoon. The majority of the the time in the preschool is mostly play and socializing. Id rather her be prepared for the next level (upk). And as i will did mention the homework comes about every 3 weeks or so as to not overwhelm the kids, but it still gets them learning

  3. I can understand wanting to know what they are doing and being involved – from that perspective I agree I would want to have something coming home as well. And a quick worksheet once a week or so is great for doing just that.

    As long as we're not pushing achievement and too much time spent in sitting down to worksheets over play at this age. Many experts now agree that mostly play is necessary until 8! I know, 8!

    So we're homeschooling to make sure that play is the biggest part of her day until we decide otherwise. So far, she is academically doing really well and spends most of the day coloring or playing games that challenge her imagination.

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