Yup, She’s wearing BOY shoes!

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You’ve read that right people. My daughter IS wearing boy shoes according to the packaging, some stores, and Society. Are you asking why I would purchase “boy shoes” for my toddler girl? I’ll tell you… 

I paid for these adorable Marvel Stride Rite Canvas shoes because my daughter picked them out herself! There was a wall of shoes with sparkles, colors, lights, and more. Her little finger pointed at the box, I brought it down and she stated “That One!” I asked her if she was sure that she didn’t want the 1st shoes she originally grabbed that were Purple and she told me “NO, I want that one!” If you know Gabby, you can probably hear her voice saying this.

I don’t like to believe in the Gender stereotype that girls can’t wear “boy stuff” or Vice Versa. Same goes for “Boy Toys” and “Boy Shows”. Not saying I completely hate Gender Specific things, I just feel that we can give choices. My daughter is a tough cookie who can defend herself pretty well for a 2.5 year old (Sorry Little Monster, We still love you), but don’t think for one second that she prefers pants over Dresses and skirts. 

I even took my daughter to go see Marvel Universe LIVE! last summer. She had an amazing time and even sat with me to watch the Avengers movie a couple of days later. 

It’s really not at all about “turning” her into a boy or not “making” her girly… It’s about allowing her to make choices. Letting her express herself. Allowing her to have different likes and styles! 


Many of you may not agree with my choices or the way I raise my girl, But I still welcome your personal opinions.

How do you feel about Gender specific products and your kid? 
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  1. I bought my daughter boy shoes before. She's at the age where she makes her own choices within reason and as long as she's ok and it's not a danger to her I'm ok with it.

  2. I am excited to see that more kids are allowed to make choices in their life and their self-expression. I shopped for a lot of my shirts in the men's department, I am just not that into "pretty" prints.

  3. Those shoes look comfortable on her. In addition, they have cute eye-catching characters, too.I don't mind my daughter wearing boy shoes or wearing boy shirt. Sometimes I buy boy shirts that has designs or characters that my daughter likes. She is happy and she enjoyed wearing those, so I don't mind. 🙂 She is just wearing them.

  4. It's silly that these are "boy" shoes! She looks adorable in them. My second child (a girl) is wearing my first child's (a boy) hand-me-downs all the time.

  5. You never have to worry if it is a boy shoe, when the shoes looks absolutely cute for your kid. It is good to hear that you have allowed her to chose the one she loves.

  6. I were boy shoes at times also. My grandson noticed and said, "hay gram why are you wearing boy shoes?" I replied-"cause there better!" He thought that was great. I sometimes have a hard time finding shoes that fit snd are comfortable so yes at times boy shoes work. No problem.

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