Simple Tips to Keep your Kids WARM on Halloween!

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Here in NYC, the weather is set to be Partly Sunny with a High temperature of 56 degrees Fahrenheit on Halloween. In my books that is definitely some cold weather business. I know some of you feel like “hey, I paid money for that costume so EVERYONE will see it” or even “I didn’t spend 4 hours making that costume so that it can be hidden under a coat!” If either of those are you I feel your pain, but DON’T let your kids suffer the harsh winds just to show off an expensive costume that’s probably 50% off right now. Here’s some tips to keep your child warm while still showing off the costume…

Tip 1: Add Matching Long Sleeved Shirt and Leggings or Pants

If you’re gonna be indoors then you don’t have to worry about keeping warm unless there’s a draft coming in. Today was my daughter’s class Halloween party. I knew it would be a little chilly indoors, I added a long sleeve black shirt along with black leggings to go with her Pretty Pirate costume (which I paid $6.75 for at Toys R Us!)

Tip 2: Incorporate Fall/Winter Clothing into Costume

Pretty Pirate is not her main costume. Every Halloween, I ALWAYS make her costume. This year she is going to be a Super Cute Monster with a High-Low Tulle Skirt. Knowing we’ll be out and about until about 9 pm, I decided to incorporate a hoodie into her top piece. Just tear apart some cute Halloween Cat and Monster headbands, sew or Glue it on as you wish and Voila! Monster Awesomeness that’ll keep my kid warm.

Tip 3: Put the Costume OVER Their Coat

If you thought ahead like me, then you probably purchased the costume 1 size up for future dress-up. Take advantage of that bigger size and put the costume OVER their coat! The costume will STILL Show and your child will STILL stay warm. Gabby Still looked amazing with her Coat Under her costume.

Seriously…. PLEASE Consider your child’s health when trick or treating this year and every other year. Bags of candy aren’t worth a Child being sick. 

Have a Spooktacular Halloween!!

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