4 Tips to a Great Morning Routine as told by a Terrible TWOddler’s Mom!

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Some mornings I just cant get myself to wake up in the morning if my daughter isn’t up. I feel like that’s precious sleep I’ll miss out on! Then again, when I became pregnant I “signed” the invisible contract that stated I wouldn’t sleep great again for another 18 years. Time to set up the next best thing… A morning routine with McCafé. Here are 4 Tips to a better morning as told by a mom of a terrible TWOddler!

The best thing to do is wake up an hour before your kids. It may be the only time of the day where you’ll get to enjoy some Mommy Time. Use this hour to make and enjoy a delicious cup of McCafé coffee. My Go-To flavor is the French Vanilla, but there are 8 total McCafé flavors to choose from. Each one comes in either Premium bags or coffee pods. Made with 100% Arabica Beans and readily available in the coffee section at Walmart!

While enjoying the wholesome taste of  McCafé coffee, admire the mess free floors of your living room. Admire the silence! Admire the idea of how you’ll feel in the next 18 years (more if you have multiple children.) While admiring all else, I’ve found myself admiring the sweet and inviting taste of the French Vanilla McCafé. You have about 20-30 minutes before the kids wake up so let’s move on to….


Whether you’re packing the diaper bags, your bag or their back packs, it’s great to complete this task the night before. But who are we kidding? Many times we completely forget or just think about how much sleep we can get. No worries! You have about 25 minutes to go. Pack their lunches, diapers, snacks, change of clothes, double check the homework, etc.  Take this time to start on the kids’ breakfast if it’s something more than cereal. All this should take about 5-15 minutes. Don’t forget to pack your most important thing… Your thermos with the McCafé to get you through the Rest of your day (Only if you need it.)

And the Last and Final tip I have for you is…

For the remainder of the 10-15 minutes left, Take the last sips of your McCafé coffee and pull out their outfits. I am not a night before mom. I just can’t be. My daughter is extremely active and I always say I have to do this and that, but once she’s asleep I’m asleep. I’m pretty sure you know what outfits they have already so do what I do and visually put outfits together. It saves me so much time and being that I know where the pieces of clothing are, it won’t take me more than a few seconds to grab it.

My Terrible TWOddler is just so much to handle that doing the night before routine won’t work for us. If your in the same boat as me, then maybe my 4 Tips to a Great Morning Routine with McCafé will work for you! What are a few Morning routine tips that you follow? Share your tips with me in the comments below!

0 thoughts on “4 Tips to a Great Morning Routine as told by a Terrible TWOddler’s Mom!

  1. I very much try to pack lunches the night before if I can! That's my best timesaver tip for the morning. Otherwise it's a race to get out the door in time!

  2. Your good – I usually scramble around trying to get the oldest off to school and then afterwards, I can sit down and have my few minutes while the younger one plays. Great read! Thanks!

  3. It always helps me to plan ahead. Things can get hectic in the morning so I try to get clothes picked out and lunches made the night before.

  4. I definitely plan ahead (get lunches packed the night before, etc.), but sometimes what holds me up most is a battle of wills with my "Terrible TWOddler". She's recently been fighting getting in her car seat, which of course is non-negotiable. I know I need to plan to get in the car at least 10 minutes earlier than needed just to avoid the struggle. Luckily, my 5 and 6 year olds already know the drill and help out as best they can. Thanks for sharing your tips! #client

  5. I wish I liked coffee 🙁 My terrible TWOddler is just not a morning person so it is better if I just get her settled and then wake myself up! hehe!

  6. These sound tasty, I wonder if they're here in the UK. I try and do as much as possible the night before, although I only have one baby so far and he's 9 months old xx

  7. I try hard to do things the night before after they're in bed or while they finish eating dinner. It keeps life simpler in the morning since there's not much time as it is even with waking up between 4:30 and 5:30 depending on the day. Good tips!

  8. Love the bag in your photo! I've seen it and seriously thought about getting it before for my terrible two-ddler. I always have to pack things the night before or I'm just too out of it to get out of the door and moving!

  9. We try to get the kids started thinking about the morning routine the night before with laying out clothes, packing bags. But, I totally love to get up a little earlier and have at least 30 minutes to myself (with a cup of coffee or two) before the house is up and running!

  10. I'm not a coffee drinker but some mornings I wish I was. I totally agree with you on waking up early… if I don't I never have any time to myself.

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