Top 4 Ways T-Mobile Simply Prepaid™ Helped get us through long Outings.

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Whenever I plan our outings, I always have to keep in mind the travel time for my kid. Same goes for entertainment while we get from point A to point B. Aside from the small toys, Gabby sometimes wants her movies, shows or music. If the iPad is dead then what am I to do? My answer…. Let her use my new Samsung Galaxy Avant with T-Mobile Simply Prepaid™ plan from Walmart. The great service on this phone allows me to stream videos without the need for WiFi on T-Mobile’s Nationwide 4G LTE Network.

Introducing Simply Prepaid™. Overall, the wireless industry has decided that prepaid customers should have to settle for less because of how they choose to pay. That’s totally Bogus. Regular prepaid often does have slow data, a spotty network, and second rate phones / few selection of phones. Make a switch for just $40 dollars a month and get 4G LTE data (with your choice of a high-speed data amount(*max speed of 8Mbps)) with unlimited talk and text. There are NO overages, NO credit checks, and NO annual service contracts required. Walmart makes it very easy to find everything you need to create your perfect prepaid phone plan right in the electronics center.

am an incredibly busy parent and battery life is always a HUGE issue
for me. I need a phone that can keep up with my toddler and I, not slow
us down. The battery on the Samsung Galaxy Avant is long lasting so I
don’t have to worry about not being able to communicate with family or
take emergency phone calls throughout the day. Another very important key feature is photos…

My phone is practically my life. I use it for Blogging, socializing, making money, and so much more. As a blogger, I need to be able to take photos that capture full beauty of what I want / need. With the above examples you can see that my current phone takes very nice photos without flash compared to the Galaxy Avant. However, The photo with the flash on from the Samsung Galaxy Avant captures Brightness and vibrant colors compared to the dullness left by my everyday phone.

I am currently in the last few months of my contract phone and I can not wait until I’m able to ditch that other company! I can’t believe I was sucked in to such a crappy company. Prepaid phones are no longer the losers. They have surpassed contract phones with a wider variety of selections in both services and devices. Hop on this boat people!! You’re wasting time with any other plan.

I just gotta say, being outdoors with my diva and the Samsung Galaxy Avant never disappoints.

  1. She gets to watch her Dora, Frozen, Curious George, or Wreck It Ralph videos. (Being able to add up to 128GB mini SD card totally had me sold!)
  2. After two videos, there’s still about 65% of battery left so that Gabs can listen to her entire Disney Junior Shuffle Album.
  3. 50% Battery left ; While Gabby takes a nap, I can finally make calls to the hubby or Girl friends and talk for a while.
  4. Now I can take some great pictures, send and receive texts, emails & more calls. Only 30-35% Battery Left to last me until I get home!

I’ve shared my Outing survival with you all. I’d love to hear what Survival tips you have! Leave your tips in the comments below.

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  1. Going out with my 3 can be tricky. I always pack drinks and snacks because they are always hungry. I used Walmart's plan and it is great for NYC.

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