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Are you looking for the perfect gift for the men in your life that won’t have you freaking out about what size to get? Then the Railtek Belt is your best choice! The Railtek Belts are unique in a way that they are fully adjustable without containing any holes. That translates into a better fitting belt that will last a lot longer while keeping it’s sleek and stylish look!

The wonderful people at Railtek sent me two belts for the two most special men in my Life… My Hubby and My Brother. To be honest when I first looked at this belt I said “This is Huge! It won’t fit any of them .” That caused me to put the belt in my closet. Then when the 2nd belt arrived a few days later, my toddler actually brought me the piece of paper with the instructions! What I relief, now I’d know I was doing. My brother received compliments on his belt and was asked if it came in girl versions too. Unfortunately, it does not… But I know the wonderful people at Railtek won’t have us waiting for it for too long. There are only 3 simple steps to adjust the belt:

You can take this belt from a size XL (42-46 waist) and trim it down to fit a small child. It’s very quick and super easy. All you have to do is unclip the real leather belt from the clip and cut to the desired length. My Brother used one of his other belts to measure and accurately cute his new Railtek belt, then I repeated the steps with Hubby’s belt. After cutting, you just slip the belt into the clip which holds very tight. I tugged on it and there was no slipping of the belt. That’s always a plus so that your picky men won’t have a crooked belt!

 My Brother is extremely picky and usually likes to spend a fortune on his clothes, especially his accessories. He Really feels that you get what you pay for and a belt under $60 just wouldn’t cut it for him. Needless to say, I was very happy that he found this super inexpensive belt to his taste and liking. He immediately put it on and showed off his “Look at me” smile. Great job, Railtek. Great Job.

When hubby saw it his first words were “it looks complicated”. Translation: “I don’t feel like taking off my belt to put another one on.” After some debate, he put it on and was happy he did. He wore his Railtek Belt the whole day. He isn’t one to care about whether his clothes are expensive or not, he just wants them to look nice. The Railtek Belt wins again!

The leather is very impressive! Thick with a matte finish that is beautiful! The mens favorite feature is the fit. They call it one super comfortable belt. The buckle is very stylish. There are 4 unique buckle designs and I just can’t choose my favorite one. We received the Zinc and Classic Bar buckles with Black leather belts!

If you would like to learn more about the Railtek brand belts, be sure to check them outat, Follow Railtek Belts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Also, be sure to pick one or more up for those special men in your life this holiday season from Amazon for only $29.95!

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