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~Fairytale Secrets~

I hear the intercom buzz… Gabby says “Who” then runs to the door and waits for me to open. The delivery guy hands me a box and at first I’m like what is this? We open up the box and Gabs is super excited! She actually squeals with delight at the sight of this bright pink scooter and unicorn head. It’s her new Razor jr. Kuties scooter. She yanks out the unicorn head (thankfully I snapped a pic before hand) and waits for me to assemble it. Being that there are only five pieces to assemble makes it a breeze!
Back at blogger bash in July, I stopped by the Razer booth and admired their adorable and awesome new lines of scooters and go karts. I actually tested out the PowerRider 360 and almost crashed into a blogger (so sorry about that!) I met them again last month at the TTPM holiday showcase and just knew we had to introduce our daughter to it.

Although my daughter is only 22 months, she is very tall for her age. Every time someone asks me for her age, I tell them and then I have to follow up with her father is 6’5″. They always say ‘wow she looks like she’s three!’ Gabby feels like she is old enough to play with bigger kids’ toys due to her height and I let her do just that (when the age says 3+ of of course). Razor Jr’s Kuties line currently retails for about $40 at Target (on sale at Amazon) and has an age minimum of 3 years and a max weight of 44 pounds.

Here’s a little more on the Kuties scooter, taken from the razor site:

” Razor Jr. Kuties are the perfect first scooter and they come with a 2-in-1 surprise! The 3-wheel design and extra-wide deck help keep kids table while they scooped. Pull over, Park, and play some more – the plush buddy slips out of the scooter frame and becomes a hobby horse for extra fun! Studies suggest that children at age 3 have the coordination required to use a 3-wheeled scooter, but may not have developed the balance required to operate 2-wheeled scooters. The Kuties is the perfect ride for youngsters who are almost ready to make this transition… and with a cuddly buddy!”

This scooter is great! Since children are always changing their minds about what they want to play, I really love the double concept of this ride. They can scoot around in the lobby or outside one minute… Then Gallop away on their magical unicorn to a world of fun imaginative play. Being that the scooter is so light it’s easy for me to dismount my child, hold her hand, and pick up the scooter to cross the street. Even Gabby’s friend had a great time riding the Kutie. So much so, that we let her keep it as an early Christmas present.

Her Buddy Loves the Kutie!

Do you see the blurred feet above? She’s outta there! Once it’s time to transition to a two wheeler, just disassemble the five Easy Pieces and store it for the next little cutie. The only thing I wish was different is for the Kuties scooter to have a folding capability to make storage so much easier for us city living apartment folks.

Have your kids ridden scooters yet? Was their first scooter a 2-wheeler or 3-wheeler? Have you ever ridden a scooter?

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