Let Your Toddlers Enjoy the ride with Joovy’s Cool Bumprider! #JoovyMom

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Disclaimer: I was provided with the below mentioned product in exchange for an honest
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A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to get my hands on Joovy’s cool Bumprider! It’s an awesome toddler board that claims to be
universal, combining cool style with excellent maneuverability. The black board blends in seamlessly with any designer pushchair, while the white board definitely stands out. Its elegantly curvy design don’t make it an eyesore like the boxy designs we’ve seen in the past.

Suitable for kids aged 2-5 (and up to 45 pounds), the Bumprider provides
a way for antsy kids that are tired of  sitting in the stroller to stand and ride along. It’s very easy to assemble and to take apart in case you need to put it away.

My 19 month old is a tall little person (thanks to her daddy) and always wants to walk everywhere now. We Own 3 strollers… A Mamas and Papas Sola (Review Link), Joovy Zoom360, and Joovy Groove Ultralight!  We usually use our Joovy Groove Ultralight when we are going somewhere that requires lots of
walking or steps, but if we are using this one to just stroll around then I attach the Bumprider because I know that Gabby will fuss and fight until I unstrap her.

Here is how the Joovy Bumprider looks on our Joovy umbrella stroller…

Gabs was 16 Months here.

Installation of the Bumprider was incredibly easy! After a couple of installments, What use to take us about 6-7 minutes, now takes us 3-4 minutes. It can fold up when not in use and doesn’t need to be removed to close the
stroller. It’s a whole lot cheaper than buying a double stroller for you moms that need to acquire one that will only be used for a short period.

The arms lock in place so there isn’t any wobble feeling. The platform features a
non-slip surface and the wheel suspension system ensures a smooth ride,
even on bumpy park floors. I was able to walk good and
didn’t feel like I was tripping over it or pushed back farther than
normal. However, 6′ 5″ Hubby did have some trouble trying not to hit it with his feet.

Here’s The Bumprider on our Joovy Zoom360… (Gabby only fits nicely behind the Zoom if I extend the bumprider Handle or remove the cup holders)

Here’s the Bumprider on a friend’s Graco Modes Click Connect…

3 Level Extension…

Bottom line with the Joovy Bumprider:
  • Its innovative design makes it universally compatible with almost all strollers.
  • does not make the pushchair hard to maneuver anywhere and does not pull
    your stroller off line at all. You barely know it’s attached.
  • Convenient to attach and store.
  • Fun for kids to ride.
  • Perfect if you need something for an older child to use occasionally but don’t want to have a double stroller.
  • Competitively priced.

Joovy maintains its excellent reputation for quality products with the Bumprider. 
It retails for $119.99 at Joovy.com and can also be purchased on Amazon.com
Reviews on the Joovy Zoom360 and Joovy Groove Ultralight coming soon!

Joovy is also very active on TwitterFacebook and Instagram So be sure to check them out!

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