Cryoow! Doll Review and Giveaway!

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CryOOw! was Very Kind as to send us a personalized Cryoow Doll for review! I am so excited to introduce you to a company that I recently learned about called Cryoow! It is a company based in beautiful Bali that was the “brain-child” of the owners 7 year old daughter, Nora.
So what is this going to cost you?
These dolls cost $149
to make and send to you. Why so high of a price?  They are
made by hand!  We received a little note with our doll that said who it was made by.

 About 40% of the retail price is used for DHL delivery.
Normal post will take up to 6 weeks time and then the kids will be
disappointed when the doll takes so long time. With DHL you have
the possibility to track your delivery from the moment they send it
in Bali until it is delivered to your door steps. This is also a
educational factor when the kid’s can follow the doll around the world.

Below you will find our Video Review and Giveaway Form!

Disclaimer: I received the products mentioned in this post free of charge, in exchange for my 100%  honest opinion!

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