Boiron’s Arnicare Gel & Calendula Cream Review & Giveaway!

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I was recently given the opportunity to review two amazing products from Boiron, the world Leaders in Homeopathic Medicines. These items could not have arrived at a more perfect time! I sprained my Ankle about two weeks ago and this was the perfect time to try the Arnicare Gel.

Arnicare Gel provides temporary relief of muscle pain and stiffness due to Minor Injuries , overexertion and falls. It also Reduces pain, swelling and discoloration from bruises. As l applied the gel on my ankle I noticed that the gel did quickly absorb as stated on the packaging . I felt lmmediate pain relief as soon as it was rubbed onto my ankle. I was very surprised at how effective it was, and the great thing about Arnicare Gel is that the only active ingredient is Natural Arnica Montana. As with all other Boiron products, this gel works naturally with your body. *NOTE: It is highly recommended you do not use Arnica Gel on Broken Skin.

Next up is the First Aid Calendula Cream which helps promote healing of cuts scrapes, chafing, Minor burns and sunburn.

Being that my once angelic little baby is now a speedy little toddler Monster, I was so happy to see the first aid Calendula Cream in my package! I’m starting to think my child is accident prone since she is always bumping into stuff, falling or getting cut. When I started to see the abrasion on her, I immediately applied the Calendula Cream. A few hours later the Scrape was significantly lighter! FINALLY, something that I can actually see working.

Here is a list of all the Benefits of Homeopathic Medicines :

Overall I am very satisfied with both Products. It’s Not greasy , its quick absorbing , and it works Fast! I’d recommend it to all !

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