Bumkins Reuseable snack Bags

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During the last week that My little family was getting over a cold, I received many products to review. Bumkins was kind enough to send me a few of their Reusable snack bags in exchange for our honest review!

What I received were two sets of small snack bags and Two Medium snack bags:

As most people in the world, I grew up with Dr. Seuss
, so you imagine the happiness when I pulled the printed bags out of the package. 

The Cat in the Hat!

Luckily, I had received some candy as part of a Mom Central assignment the same day i received these bags. I was able to use the candy for the first batch of testing 🙂

Inside the bag were 5 different individual snack sized fruit snacks packs. It didn’t fill the whole bag which meant more snacks fit! 
I then filled the Medium bag with pretzel chips to see how well  the bags held up to keeping in the crumbs…

1 Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

I filled it up to where my thumb is.

When I gave it the shake test, a LOT of crumbs came out onto the table. Even if I placed it carefully in my diaper bag or purse, the crumbs would just pour out from the sewn hole at both ends of the zipper. 
Another issue I had with this bag was the fact that I’d put fresh baby cookies into the small treat bag for my daughter and within a few short hours the cookies were stale. Same thing happened to some chips I had with me. In order for this to not be an issue, I think Bumkins should create a different closure design for their bags. A Fold-over Velcro closing with nylon interior would certainly keep all food fresh! 
With that said, I would still recommend these Reusable snack bags because their designs and prints are too cute to pass up and they work very well with keeping packaged food together. Albeit the snacks do get stale after a few hours, having them with you for an hour max will keep them still tasting great.
Disclaimer: A special thank you to the Bumkins company for providing me with the product mentioned in this post. Although I
received this product free of charge, all opinions expressed are honest
and all mine. This Post may Also Contain Affiliate Links!

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