The WrapWatch Review & Giveaway!! {ENDED}

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A few days ago I was given the chance to review The Wrap Watch. They come in an array of different colors so I was excited to receive a few different colors.

The instructions come attached so that you’ll know how to set up the watch. It can either be set to just the time or both date and time.
Step By Step Instructions.
The material of the watch is rubbery and can be adjusted to any size you want. The watch is water resistant which is great for the summer time when kids are in and out of the water.

RUNNER (Purple), SKY (White), & JIPZY (Yellow)
I was actually sent 4 watches to review but my 8.5 year old drama queen niece snagged hers right away!
My Niece chose ORANGE (orange) lol
Since she was the first watch tester I asked her what her opinions on the watch were. Here is her “Review”…
“I Like that it has a lot of colors. The part with the numbers is orange which is my second favorite color. I like that I can wrap it around stuff. It looks cool! I’m the only one from my new school that will have one. I like it.” 
And there it is folks, The wrap watch as reviewed by an 8.5 year old girl. 
The next day she came to me with her watch to tell me that you couldn’t see part of the numbers on the watch screen. I pressed on the screen and the full number came back, but a bit more faint than before. 
*Her watch was the only one to have this issue, all the others are working perfectly.

Don’t get upset if the battery run out, it can be changed! The closure of the watch is sure to never open on its own. The design of it is like a hook to stay put, but it’s soft enough to pull open quickly.

This watch is pretty cool for all kids (ages 3+) and adults who love vibrant colorful things! I may have just found one of the party favors for my daughter’s party!! (Yay!) 
To fit my wrist I wrapped the wrap watch 5 times. At 5 it feels a bit snug. At 4 wraparounds it fits much looser, but I am not worried about it falling off.

My Wrist at 4 wraps
I truly recommend these watches for all active people out there.

Want to Win one of your own Wrap Watches
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A special thank you to Judith of The Wrap Watch  for providing me with the
product mentioned in this post. Although I received this product free of
charge, all opinions expressed are honest and all mine.

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