Kid-Basix Safe Sippy 2 Review!

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I know there are plenty of moms out there that at some point will have to or have already had to decide on which sippy cup will be good for their child. To be honest, my Daughter has been using a sippy cup since she was 3 Months! Here’s my proof…

For a month straight she would only drink her milk out of that sippy. 
Now fast-forward to 5.5 months, I needed to find a sippy that didn’t have a super soft spout since she is starting to teethe. When I was given the chance to do a review of Kid Basix‘s Safe Sippy 2 in Pink I was pretty Excited! After reading so many great things about the product and company, I just had to get my hands on one!

Not only is it a sippy cup, it magically transforms into a Straw Cup as well when your little one is ready for the next stage! The handles are also removable for when the time comes that your child’s little hands no longer need them and wish to hold onto the cup itself. It totally Saves you Money in the long run. What more could you ask for!?

This sippy cup holds 11 ounces of liquid, the perfect amount for your thirsty infant or toddler and it’s made from clean and cool stainless steel. Kid Basix chose to make a stainless steel base because “not only is it clean, stable and durable, but  it doesn’t interact with the foods and fluids it comes into contact with, and it’s one of the most easily recycled materials on earth, making The “Safe” brand of drinkware a smart and green choice in a world trying to reduce plastic waste!”

Included in the package are a dust cap, hard rubber spout (BPA-Free and Placed in the middle so that it never touches the floor if dropped), Stainless steel base, removable handles, a TPR sleeve, sippy valve, straw cup valve with straw and a travel plug to fully ensure you avoid spills during travel. 

The sleeve is made of thermo plastic rubber which helps keep the liquid inside colder, longer. It also helps protect the bottle when it’s being banged on the floor, dropped, or tossed. I also want to mention that you can take the sleeve off if you need to. It’s pretty simple to take off and get back on, I tried. You just roll down the sleeve, starting at the top, to take off and then turn it inside out and roll up from the bottom of the cup to put it back on.

In addition to the awesome Safe Sippy 2, Kid Basix also offers a stainless steel sports bottle, sippy cup and baby bottles.

Disclaimer: A special thank you to Angelika of Kid-Basix for providing me with the product mentioned in this post. Although I received this product free of charge, all opinions expressed are honest and all mine.

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