Barefoot Books Review and Giveaway! {ENDED}

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I recently had the opportunity to connect with a wonderful person over at Barefoot Books . I was honored to be given the chance to review their books. Barefoot Books has been around since 1992. It was started by two moms who decided to join together and make a difference by sharing truly amazing children’s literature.  They wanted to share beautiful, creative and vibrantly colored books that would spark children’s curiosity and instill respect for the planet and the environment.

I received 3 different Barefoot books. Two of them being Board Books for my 5 Month old and One being a big hardcover book for my 8.5 year old niece. I’ll start with the first board book “Bear about Town”.

I really Love the Bear books!
The first thing I noticed and loved about the book was the vibrant colors everywhere… Even the Black was vibrant! The cover is designed with naturally looking shades of green, orange and pink, with black details and letters.
Yep, She’s “reading” lol

 The books are designed to represent “strong artwork”, “strong stories”, and being “multi-cultural in the best way”. I am already in love with Barefoot books and being that I love reading, I will make sure that my daughter loves to read. Barefoot Books may be the only ones I will purchase for her from now on.

“Can I taste it Just a little, Mommy?”

This book is solid. It’s a board book with glossy pages. The board books are mainly aimed at infants & toddlers, but there are so much more pages than other board books aimed at our young ones. Baby G has a set of board books that were given to her for Easter and each one is LITERALLY 4 pages long! So sad…Barefoot Books Wins!

“Look at all those Colors”

This book is PERFECT for teaching Colors and Numbers as well! When I read the Barefoot books, I count the bears, and the objects in the pictures. Then I sound out and point to the colors. That may not have been what Barefoot books was aiming for, but since it was done they get super points from me!

In this page, I can go crazy with teaching her colors! She’s only 5 months, but its never to early to start learning.
Now the next board book I received was “Bear’s Busy Family”…

Yay! Another Book!

In this book your little ones will enjoy meeting the
colorful, busy, and creative members of Bear’s family, and We will
find this book to be very useful in helping to show the kids how family members
are connected and how they work together to create a special day for

“Since I can’t eat the book, I’ll eat my fingers.”

I Love that the colors aren’t Sick looking or dull. It lets me know that no matter how many times I read this book to her, she’ll never get tired of the images. This is another book that’s great for teaching baby how to count. For example: “How many bowls are in the picture?” or “How many colors does that bowl have?”

More colors and counting  ^_^

And our final book, which I gave to my 8.5 year old niece, was The Barefoot book of Father & Daughter Tales. I asked for this book because my niece is a SUPER daddy’s girl! Once daddy comes home, all hope of getting her to listen is out the window.

Beautiful Cover Illustration

I believe this book is like a revival of books that we’ve read as kids, like Grimm’s Fairy Tales & Aesop’s Fables. This makes a GREAT bedtime book for Parent’s to read to their daughters. (There IS a Father & Son, Mother & Daughter, and Mother & Son Book of Tales as well.) Amongst the familiar stories that we have read, been told, and been adapted so many
times, there are stories from around the world that are all
new to us. Those stories have been translated to English for us to understand the stories of other cultures.

Her Favorite feature was the title lol

 Albeit some people don’t like the standard fairy tale cliches: young women being wowed by good looks and fortune, evil step-parents, wicked magical folks….They need to understand that these
stories were never meant to be an everyday lifestyle guide.

There are many know stories in the book such as “Beauty and the Beast” and “The Frog Prince” and as you would expect from Barefoot Books, each traditional tale is sensitive, and always written with the child in mind. The language is vibrant, multicolored, and multicultural. This is definitely a book to treasure and keep.

Captivating illustrations

 Aside from the beautiful watercolor illustrations, the book is still Filled with traditional wisdom, kindness, respect, self-reliance, and trust. The book comes with two CDs that coincide with the tales in the book. I personally find this to be a beautiful book and wish to read it to my daughter when she’s older.

Barefoot Books have Free Family Fun Activities (AWESOME!) that
includes Story-themed crafts, story-time podcast and animated videos that feature some of the best singalong songs with characters
from their books.

For the Inspiring Mom-Preneur History of Barefoot Books go HERE

If You would Like to learn about an Independent Home-based sales opportunity called the Barefoot Books Ambassador program go HERE or If you want to find an ambassador who’s already in your community go HERE.

Disclaimer: A special thank you to Carly of Barefoot Books for providing me with the products mentioned in this post. Although I received these products free of charge, all opinions expressed are honest and all mine.

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