Lalaalu June 2013! (5 Month Old)

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For the Month of June, Lalaalu recently made some changes. They now have many different selections of boxes and you can see what you’re gonna get. Since I was charged as a monthly subscriber I was sent the June “Urban Roller Kidbox” for ages 0-12 Months (I guess since it matched my daughter’s age). I wish it was still a surprise and we wouldnt know what we got, but hey… Lalaalu is STILL my favorite Box!

My Boxes have YET to disappoint me. They are ALWAYS filled to the top!

Inside My Box was:
  • Zeel Gift Card ($25.00) – The Gift card was an added father’s day gift for all “Urban Dads”.  If the massages weren’t so expensive and I weren’t on a budget, I may have taken daddy’s gift lol. Sadly we have to pass on this gift card right now. I don’t know if it has an expiration date, but i may just save it for a day when Hubby or I REALLY need it.
  •  Plum Organics Stage 2 Second Blend ($4.58) – As you can see HERE in my Plum Organics review, I love Plum Organics! They always use natural organic ingredients in their baby, toddler, and kid food. This looks like a very delicious blend of Raspberry, Spinach, & Greek Yogurt. Baby G isn’t 6 Months yet, so  I’m going to wait until then to taste it with her.
  •  Plum Organics Little Yums ($4.49) -Another great Plum Organics item! Although I do make Baby G’s food, I definitely don’t mind the Plum Organics line. These Teething wafers are really suitable from 5 Months+ so my princess will be trying these on the 16th of this month ^_^.
  •  Bathtime Baby “Bathing Baby” Wash ($12.50) – I’ve already gotten plenty of hair and body washes through my subscription boxes so I wont be using this one that soon. It’s a hypoallergenic product that contains NO parabens, Glycols, Sulfates, Fragrance or Dyes. The scent it has is like your favorite body soap. It just smells like pure cleanliness! I love the smell so much that I may try it for myself at my next bath… Shhh. Also, the packaging is BPA & Phthalate Free.
  •  Sunny Sunscreen from Babytime! by Episencial ($15.00) – I will definitely use this A LOT now that the weather is getting warm. This is my first Episencial product and according to many reviews, their line of products are great! It has a Broad Spectrum SPF 35, enriched with green tea, Aloe AND is water resistant up to 80 minutes. Can’t wait to use it.
  •  Early Lingo DVD in Spanish ($19.99) – one thing I’ll say is that I prefer this series over Dora the Explorer ANY DAY! I am fully Dominican so of course Baby G gets spoken to in Spanish about 50% of the day. I would definitely buy this DVD again, but in French, German, Mandarin, or Chinese maybe. 
  •  Urban Babies Wear Black by Michelle Coleman ($6.95) – and Finally the board book. When companies send out books I get very excited since I love reading. This book is SO cute! It talks all about city babies and what babies “Do” in this wonderful city. As you can see my daughter immediately tried to eat the book lol. Glad I didn’t have to worry about sharp corners or paper cuts on her gums. Will look into buying the whole series.

Retail Price: $63.51

(It would have been $88.51, but since there’s no massage or anything on that cost $25 or atleast $50 I will not count it towards a value)

I Was charged $35 for this box and I am still amazed at how much more the value was! I am definitely keeping this subscription for a while! 

Do You Subscribe to Lalaalu? If so, what was in your June box? If not, does this subscription interest you? Leave comments below, I’d love to respond!

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