Early Lingo Foreign Language DVD!

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The Early Lingo DVD series is a great language learning product for children as young as 6 months! The DVD I was sent  Review was “In The City” Part 6 of 12 in French Language.

A Little background on Early Lingo:
Caryn AntoniniCaryn Antonini is the Creater of the Early Lingo DVD Series. She has created a new innovative learning tool to help in exposing your child to another language from the tender age of 6 Months! When Caryn became a new mother she wanted to provide her child with the advantages of learning a foreign language early on as well as be able to gain the amazing benefits that come later on in life with knowing a second language. When she was unable to find this type of product on the market that could efficiently do this, she decided to create one and Early Lingo was born.

Early Lingo has a variety of languages available. You can choose:

Chinese (Mandarin), 

In each version, your child follows Jojo the monkey and Lulu the bird on adventures to learn new words.  They teach Colors and Shapes at the Park, Numbers and Counting at the Farm, Opposites at the Beach, Alphabets at School, At the Market, In the City (More Places and Languages coming Soon!). My Favorite thing about the Early Lingo DVDs is that they feature Real-Life images mixed with cartoons, Much like Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but way more Educational lol. The Real-life images help kids see what they are being  taught to say while cartoons make it fun! If there is anything you & your child do not understand, Early Lingo provides you with a translation guide right on their website! 

My 8.5 Year old Niece LOVES learning foreign languages. She received a Little Passports Starter World Edition last month and lasted 3 days telling EVERYONE that she learned to say hello in Japanese, Mandarin, already knew Spanish, Italian and German. When I showed her the French DVD she was Sooooo Excited! We popped in the DVD and she sat there through the whole video! ( which she NEVER does!)

Early Lingo uses a great learning method called Total Immersion. This means that your child is completely immersed with the new language with no English translation at all, only the pictures onscreen as a guide. This was proven to be the most natural method of learning a new language and is a super effective way to learn. With the Total Immersion Method, children can watch any time without adult assistance. Albeit adult interaction is not necessary, Early Lingo does encourage your interaction and participation in this learning process. It makes your child more hungry to learn when they see that you are learning as well.
A Single DVD retails for $19.99 and the Whole Series retails for $99.99!
Early Lingo has won multiple awards including a PTPA Seal of Approval, 2011 Red Tricycle Totally Awesome Product, The Toy Man Seal of Approval in 2011/2012, and a Dr. Toy Winner. 
You can connect with Early Lingo on their Facebook page and on Twitter.
I would definitely recommend that you give these a try if you are wanting to expose your child to another language.

Disclaimer: A special thank you to Elizabeth of Early Lingo for providing me with the product mentioned in this post. Although I received this product free of charge, all opinions expressed are honest and all mine.

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