Plum Organics Pouches Review

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First off, Plum Organics is a company dedicated to providing us with simple, organic baby food. They contain no additives or crazy things you don’t know the meaning of. Before i gave birth I vowed to always give My Daughter,Baby G, homemade baby food, but when I was given the opportunity to host a plum organics party I had to give in.

The first thing to catch my eyes were the bright colors and all the interesting food combinations. I was sent Stage 1 and Stage 2 baby food in different varieties, Plum Tots Mish Mash and Yogurt Mish Mash, Teensy Fruits organic fruit snacks in Apple and Berry, Plum Organics Little Creams (organic rice milk snacks) in Super Greens ( kale, apple and sweet potato) & Super Purples (acai, blackberry and purple carrot), and Lastly a lot of Coupons for 50 cents off their products.
Wouldn’t you buy these products just due to their presentation? I would! 
Anyways, I hosted My Plum Organics Party on May, 11th and the turn out was pretty good. I had enough mommies show up that I was able to give their kids a taste test and enough closed pouches left over that they were able to take one or two home.
My first Mini taster was Baby G…

She got to try “Just Butternut Squash with Cinnamon” flavor and boy was she HAPPY she can’t talk yet , but I think she loved it!

I had to feed her with a spoon or she would have made a bigger mess than she already does since she is at her Gripping stage too.

Next Up was Little Ethan!
He ALSO had fun making a huge mess, but he loved his “Just Carrots” flavor. 
I didn’t get pictures of the other babies and tots eating their pouches (sad face), but trust me when I say they were the cutest!
My final Tester was my 8 year old Niece who got to try the Plum Kids Mashups…

When I say my niece HATES Veggies, I mean she would actually fake a sickness just so she won’t eat it. Thankfully she didn’t care to notice the word VEGGIE written on the package…. It was a Win – Win!

For These Delicious Beauties I set out a tiny candy bowl and threw them in there. After about half an hour I had to do a refill. Even the mommies were sneaking a piece. They are Dairy Free so the kiddos that are Lactose intolerant had a good snack with no tummy ache 🙂

And Finally the “Candy”…

These tiny bites are made of REAL organic fruits. 

Each packet gives your Toddler a full serving of fruit! 
(Keep in mind a full toddler serving of fruit is 1/4 of a cup)
The Back of the snacks will help let you know whether or not your child is ready to eat them.
Well, I can say that plum organics currently has my heart! Even us mommies love the taste of these products. I highly recommend Plum Organics to every one!
If you want more information on these products check out their site :
You may purchase them HERE
This Post may contain an affiliate link. All Reviews are Honest and My
Own! I received these products to throw a healthy home party and decided
to share my honest opinions with you.

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